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Supply Chain Development


Engeli provides an integrated Supply Chain Development service to assist companies in optimising their Cost, Quality and Delivery (CQD) imperatives together with the BBBEE ratings of their suppliers. Engeli operates across a wide variety of sectors and have developed a niche in terms of supporting businesses operating in the manufacturing/technology and innovation space to support the productive (value adding) sector of the economy.

Operational Methodology

Engeli provides end to end development services which include:

  • Detailed analysis of the supplier database and performance metrics of the individual suppliers 
  • Identification of leveraged supply chain interventions which will provide maximum return 
  • Design of a comprehensive supplier development programme 
  • Identify specific suppliers who require business development services 
  • Comprehensive business assessment of the targeted suppliers and the identification of appropriate interventions to improve the suppliers Cost, Quality and Delivery parameters 
  • Allocation of mentors to individual suppliers 
  • Implementation of supplier business improvement interventions through direct business support or via Incubators/Accelerators (physical or virtual business support) 
  • Overall management of the Supplier Development Programme 
  • Supplier Transformation (improvement of the BBBEE credentials of suppliers) Supply localisation (sourcing imported inputs locally) 
  • Identification, assessment and development/support of new BBBEE suppliers 
  • Leveraging of government/donor financial incentives to support supplier development 

BBBEE Benefits to the Corporate

The BBBEE benefits of supporting 51% “Black Owned” suppliers will apply to the element of Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) including the sub elements of:

• Preferential Procurement
• Enterprise Development
• Supplier Development

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