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Business Incubation Services


Engeli boasts more than 30 years collective business incubator management and incubation process experience – we have developed a business incubation model which pivots upon the following 3 core developmental levers viz.

 Evaluate, Enhanace, Advance

Operational Methodology

With this in mind, Engeli has plotted a sound incubation model comprised of pre-incubation (Evaluate), incubation (Enhance) and post incubation (Advance) processes. Engeli uses a stringent incubation selection process together with intensive business and entrepreneurial development programmes to ensure optimal incubation impact. We emphasise the importance of holistic business development, ensuring that the core focus is targeted towards the development of the entrepreneur within the context of their business opportunity so as to ensure that should the business be unsuccessful, the entrepreneur still emerges with the requisite skills to start another venture.


  • Engeli has modelled its incubation programme to be recognised as an enterprise and supplier development solution with 100% of a measured entity’s spend claimed as enterprise and supplier development contribution with the aim of optimising their B-BBEE scorecard points
  • The New Venture Creation qualification at NQF Level 4 is embedded in the incubation model as the formal curriculum for the ENHANCE incubation phase
  • Engeli has developed a blueprint for incubation replication and are replicating the model in various sectors

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